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Roasted Fall Vegetables

Calories: WW Freestyle Points: 1 or 2 depending on the amount of oil
Roasted Fall Vegetables
Easy and delicious vegetable platter that goes well with pretty much any main (chicken, fish, pork or even beef).
Total Cook/Prep time: 45 minutes


  • 1 acorn squash
  • 2 cups brussel sprouts
  • 6 carrots
  • 2 medium onions
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper


Preheat oven on the broil setting and move rack to the highest position

Gut and slice the acorn squash in 1 inch slices (leave skin on)

Slice the brussel sprouts in half

Peel the carrots and slice each of them in half

Slice the onions in thick slices

Arrange the vegetables on a parchment lined baking sheet and brush them with a light coating of the olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Roast the vegetables for about 30 minutes, turning them about half way through. 

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